The Yorkshire Section of the BKKS

For Koi Keepers in Yorkshire and surrounding areas

Kitsu Koi


Kitsu Koi offer free impartial advice on all aspects of koi keeping, from selecting koi, koi health to koi pond construction. Their purpose-built premises have 4 sales ponds.

Their extensive range of dry goods and fittings include top brands such as AquaForte, Aqua Source, Evolution Aqua, Evolve, Hikari, TMC, Japan Pet Design, Kusuri, NT Labs, Superfish, Synergy Drum Filters etc. 

They stock healthy, fully quarantined Japanese Koi from quality breeders such as Torazo, Yohei, Omosako, Marudo, Yagenji, Shintaro, Yamamatsu, Momotaro, Izumiya, Sakai and many more. Our aim is to supply high grade koi, without alienating newcomers to the hobby. 

There is also a Bistro Cafe on site as well as other small businesses within the garden centre. 


Based in: South Yorkshire