The Yorkshire Section of the BKKS

For Koi Keepers in Yorkshire and surrounding areas

Show Rules 2022

Application, Guidance and Rules

1. The Yorkshire Section BKKS accepts Koi into their show on behalf of the entrant, and whilst every care and precaution will be taken towards all Koi entered, the Society cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to Koi entered.

2. The show is run in accordance with the Show Rules & Guidelines adopted by the society at the time of the Show.

3. Exhibitors must own the Koi they exhibit.

4. Koi that are known to have been exposed to KHV or SVC via an outbreak in the holding pond are not permitted to be brought onto the showground.

5. Exhibitors that are Koi dealers will only be permitted to exhibit in the Trade competition if there is one.

6. Benching Forms must be signed at the time of benching, and also presented and signed at the time of de-benching.

7. No Koi shall be removed until the time decided for de-benching, unless there is a problem with a particular Koi / Vat or permission has been given from the Show Chairman or the appointed Health & Welfare Officer (HWO).

8. If there is a problem with a Koi or vat, as indicated by the appointed HWO, resulting in a request for de-benching, this must be complied with as soon as is practicable.

9. Any exhibitor exceeding the maximum points for their vat will be requested to return the additional Koi to their home pond.

10. Each exhibitor will be able to inspect their own water testing sheets if they so wish.

11. All Koi exhibited in the Show are entered at the owner’s risk and must be owned by the exhibitor.

12. All Exhibitors must leave a contact number for the show duration in case of emergency.

13. Benching will take place on the day at 8am. Exhibitors must arrive in time to allow for their Koi to be benched. Exhibitors must remove their vehicles from the area around the centre ring once their Koi are benched.

14. A maximum number of points of Koi are allowed for all vats which must not be exceeded. Exhibitors will be requested to return any additional Koi to their home ponds once the maximum number points are reached.

15. Points

  • Size 1 = 1 Point
  • Size 2 = 1.5 Points
  • Size 3 = 2 Points
  • Size 4 = 3.5 Points
  • Size 5 = 6 Points
  • Size 6 = 9 Points
  • Size 7 = 13 Points
  • Size 8 = 16 Points

16. No additions (e.g. salt) to show vats are permitted unless agreed by the Show Chairman under advisement from the HWO. No food is to be placed in the vats. Should water testing show that chlorine or chloramines be in the water before the show the club reserve the right to add de-chlorinator to the water.

17. The decision of the Head Bencher will be final in respect to classification and size.

18. The final decision to exclude a Koi from the show will rest with the Show Chairman.

19. Anyone attempting to influence the decision of the judges will be asked to leave the show ground. All judges’ decisions are final.

20. No de-benching can take place until a member of the de-benching team is in attendance, and the de-benching form is handed over, or as directed by the HSC.

21. Neither the BKKS nor the Yorkshire Section BKKS will be held accountable for any accidents or incidents that occur to persons, vehicles or property within the show grounds. Person(s) responsible for any such accidents or incidents will be liable for any consequence or cost incurred.

22. Koi being exhibited should not be actively fed for at least 5 days prior to the show. This will assist in the maintenance of good water quality for the Koi, for the duration of the Show.

23. All exhibitors must vacate the show arena by 18:00 on the day, unless the Show Chairman has given prior authorisation.

24. All exhibitors must abide by the Show Rules and Guidelines currently adopted by the BKKS.

25. Exhibitors are responsible for providing adequate facilities including oxygen if required for transport

26. Please DO NOT transport Koi to the show that are showing signs of illness, i.e. ulcers, fin rot, inflamed fins etc. You will be requested to return them to their home pond.

27. Any exhibitor who seriously infringes these rules will risk exclusion from future Yorkshire Section shows.

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